El Vedado

In order to protect the city from pirates, the cultivation and colonization of the surroundings of Havana had been prohibited. The area, mainly consisting of rocks and jungle back then, thereby had become a prohibited ("Vedado" in Spanish) area.
Not until 1858 a settlement was founded here, which finally began to flourish in 1870. With the beginning of Cubas independence from colonial Spain, Cubas new elites began settling here, making El Vedado an attractive and architectural diverse residencial quarter.
In the 1930s, the only apartment towers of Havana have been built in El Vedado. Nowadays, multiple government- and administration buildings, several embassies and numerous theaters, galleries, museums, cinemas and restaurants can be found in El Vedado.
The modern-day Vedado is the center of the city, having a lot of nice vegetated streets and parks, promising a relaxed atmosphere and moments of rest and calmness.